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South Atlantic Holdings Ltd

  • Тип Бизнеса:  Exporters
  • Год Основания:   1990
  • Количество Сотрудников:   51-100
  • Сайте:   www.southatlanticltd.com
  • Brazil [Член С :  2014]
  • Пункты доверия: 0
  • 3rd

Информация Компании

  • The Triunfo do Brasil LTDA¿½ has its industrial facilities located in the city of So Joo do Triunfo (130 km far from Curitiba), in Paran, state of Brazil, and their environmentally friendly activities have been operational for over 80 years. The raw material used in their manufacturing process is derived from its own forests located in the Iguau Valley, Southern area of the Paran State. This area has a privileged climate and soil for the Yerba Mate cultivation of a high quality. The 2,000 hectares plantation is 100% organic and fully preserves the biodiversity. The Yerba Mate Triunfo do Brasil LTDA is integrated with the native and unexplored forests, and is maintained without the use of chemical products (fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, etc.). The harvest occurs every two years, allowing the regeneration and balance of nature while preserving the natural flora and fauna. The trees of the mate Triunfo do Brasil LTDA are shadowed by the enormous Araucrias trees, which are the symbols of the region, and give the Mate a more particular and smoother taste than the other brands. In recognition of all the efforts to conserve nature, consumer health, and to continuously improve the quality of the Yerba Mate, Triunfo do Brasil LTDA has acquired the ORGANIC YERBA-MATE certification of production system by ECOCERT INTERNATIONAL. In addition to the Organic certification, Triunfo do Brasil LTDA is also kosher certified, and holds a Fair Trade USA and Fair for Life certification that validates their commitment with social responsibility, as well as the intention to improve the quality of their partners and employees. Concerned with maintaining productivity and quality, Triunfo do Brasil LTDA adopts modern technology to ensure the natural properties of the Yerba Mate a high standard of products and a full customer satisfaction. History: Triunfo do Brasil LTDA has been operating for over 50 years in the production of organic Yerba Mate. Thats four generations working to achieve reference in the quality of products and services. Today, under the direction of Lincoln Gadens, son of Vilmar Gadens, Triunfo do Brasil LTDA has the largest organic plantation of Yerba Mate in Brazil, and exports the entire mate to the five continents of Earth. 
  • Контактная Информация

    • Контактное Лицо  Mr. George Celaya (Director)
    • Компания  South Atlantic Holdings Ltd
    • Адрес 
      Unit 117, Palm Street,PO Box: 82, , Victoria, Brazil
    • Телефон 55-21991598144
    • Факс -
    • Мобильный -